Lint Riggs Dental Care

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Are You Accepting New Patients?

  • Yes we are accepting new NHS and private patients at present. NHS places are limited and lists can close periodically. Please fill in the Pre-registration form or telephone the practice directly for up to date information on (01324) 623300. We also offer Denplan as a payment option after an initial consultation and treatment; please speak to your dentist for full details.

How Can I Register With You?

  • To register with our dental practice, you must firstly contact us to arrange an initial examination appointment to see one of our dentists. Please telephone us on (01324) 623300. Our reception staff will be more than happy to help arrange a suitable appointment for you.

What is Involved in My First Appointment?

  • We will ask you to attend a few minutes early for your first visit. This is to allow you to complete a medical history form. It is helpful if you could bring a list of any current medication. If you have an exemption* (do not pay) for dental treatment evidence for this should be brought to your examination appointment. This allows us to process the correct paperwork and avoid any later difficulties.

* These exemptions only apply to NHS items of treatment and do not apply for private items.

How Much Will My Dental Treatment Cost?

  • A written estimate for treatment will be issued at the examination appointment. At present examinations are free under the NHS but it is normal for x-rays of the teeth to be taken at initial examinations. At appropriate intervals X-rays may be taken, determined by a patient’s dental health, and these do incur a small charge. Patients who pay for their dental treatment are advised to make part payments towards their account each time they attend an appointment.
  • NHS treatments may require ‘Prior Approval’ by NHS Practitioner Services.  This can be for certain types of treatment and treatments higher in value.  This can take a little time (approx. 12 weeks) and we must delay your treatment until approval is sought.  Each patients case is judged on an individual basis and may require an appointment with a NHS Regional Dental Officer before approval is given.  Unfortunately not all cases are approved.  We will keep you informed throughout the process and discuss any issues with you.  If you have any further queries or concerns regarding your treatment, please do not hesitate to ask our reception team or your dentist. 

Direct Access – What is this & is this available in your practice?

  • ‘Direct access’ means giving patients the option to see a dental care professional (DCP) i.e. Dental Hygienist, without having first seen a dentist and without a prescription from a dentist.  Direct Access is not compulsory. Those who are able to and want to see patients directly are able to do so but if a dentist and a dental care professional agree that they are happy with their current working arrangements, they can continue them.  Our dental practice is not offering Direct Access but are happy to treat patients under our current arrangement of referral on registration with the practice.

Cosmetic Dentistry, What Treatments Can I Have?

Under the NHS, some treatments are not available such as white (tooth coloured) crowns and fillings on back teeth and tooth whitening. These items are available to patients as a private treatment and an estimate of costs will be issued on completion of an examination.

Being treated on a private basis allows the dentist to spend more time on your treatment and use the best possible materials and equipment available.

Who Do I Go To If I Have a Complaint?

Our Practice Complaints Policy – Patients_Complaints_Procedure

NHS Treatments – http://www.nhsforthvalley.com/contact-us/compliments-and-complaints/

Private Treatments – http://www.dentalcomplaints.org.uk/

Scottish Public Service Ombudsman –  http://www.scottishombudsman.org.uk/

GDC Website – http://www.gdc-uk.org/Pages/default.aspx

FOI Our Practice policy – FOISA – guide to information (Scotland)

If you wish further details concerning registration, cosmetic dental treatments or any other matter, please telephone our reception team on (01324) 623300 and they will be happy to assist.