We would like to take this opportunity to provide all our patients with an update on dental services in Scotland and how it affects us all at LRDC.
Some of you may be aware of messages in the media from the Scottish Government indicating that routine dental treatment may be recommenced in Scotland. While this is technically true the reality is markedly different. Scottish Government announced dental practices could resume emergency drilling procedures(AGP) from the 17th August. Practices were to be supplied with enhanced PPE for these purposes by the NHS Health Boards. As of today, the majority of practices(including LRDC) are still awaiting delivery of this PPE. Practices which have had the enhanced PPE delivered have been alarmed to find much of it is out of date,sometimes by as much as 6 years. Today the British Dental Association has advised its members not to use the NHS supplied PPE to treat patients. All of us at LRDC are extremely frustrated at these developments.
We have futher received notification that on receipt of appropriate and in date PPE the NHS will only allow us to use this PPE to facilitate other emergency procedures. For example we can use the enhanced PPE to start a root canal treatment but not finish it, we can use the enhanced PPE to remove a filling and place a dressing but not to remove a filling and replace it with a new filling.
Our practice continues to remain open and we are endeavouring to treat the limited number of patients that the authorities permit. Using enhanced PPE which LRDC has purchased privately we are able to offer a very limited number of AGP procedures daily. Under the current restrictions we are unable to undertake these AGP procedures within the NHS.
We are also continuing to operate our emergency non AGP surgery on a daily basis. The number of patients we are permitted to see each day remains frustratingly low.
We understand that many of our patients must be worried about dental health issues and we encourage anyone in need of advice to call the practice on 01324 623300 for help.Calls will be triaged and you may be able to speak to a dentist with your specific concerns.
Regrettably, for the time being all routine check up appointments continue to be suspended. As yet LRDC do not have any indication of how long this will continue for but we do hope that before long restrictions will ease further. As always we shall endeavour to keep everyone up to date.

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