We will be reopening for Phase 2 treatments on Monday 29th June. While we are delighted to be commencing the long road back to providing the dental care all our patients expect and deserve please be aware in Phase 2 the number of patients we are permitted to treat will be limited to around 10 per day. In common with other practices throughout the country, the types of treatment we are able to provide is also greatly restricted. Initially, it will be limited to extractions and placing dressings. We are not permitted to produce an aerosol so we cannot use dental drills or ultrasonic scalers. As yet there is no timescale for when we shall be able to use these and so return to more recognisable dentistry.

From Monday, 29th June, if you are in pain please call the practice. Your call will be triaged by one of our reception team and possibly one of our dentists. If we deem it appropriate we will offer an appointment to attend the practice for treatment.

The procedures for entering the practice are very different from what you have all experienced in the past. If you have an appointment the dentist or receptionist will explain the procedures to you. We also have some videos attached to demonstrate the process. It is very important that these procedures are followed in order to maintain the safety of staff and patients alike. Do not come into the practice without an appointment as we will be unable to permit entry.

Once in the practice for your appointment, you will notice further changes. You will be asked to sanitise your hands. As we are only able to treat very limited numbers we hope that our Waiting Room will be unused. Use of our toilet facilities will be very restricted so please attend comfortably toiletted. We shall only have one of our dentists working in the surgery each day so although your own dentist may be in the practice doing other tasks it may not be your regular dentist who will undertake your treatment.

Everyone at LRDC is aware of how much resilience and patience you have all had to show over the last 3 months and we hope you understand the need to continue showing these qualities in the coming weeks. This is our first step back and while we appreciate it is a small one we sincerely hope that before too much longer we are in a position to provide a more recognisable service to all our patients.

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