You may have heard on the news this afternoon that dental practices are able to reopen from Monday 22nd June.

Unfortunately this does not include any routine or non urgent dental care appointments. Scottish government are requiring all dental practices to be compliant with many new rules and restrictions before we are able to treat patients.

As such the vast majority of dental practices, including Lint Riggs Dental Care, will not be in a position to treat patients on Monday 22nd June. Over the next week and into the following week we are continuing with our ongoing preparations to open.

This will include staff training, policy and protocol implementation and equipment checking and maintenance. We hope to be able to offer a face to face urgent emergency dental care service from the 29th June onwards but this will be confirmed in full in the coming days.

Patients who have an urgent dental emergency including, but not limited to, severe swellings, bleeding or a severe toothache which does not respond to painkillers can contact the practice and will be triaged by one of our dentists. Dental practices are remobilising with a view to providing a limited urgent emergency only service.

During this phase of reopening we ask for your continued patience as we have to work with in the guidelines given to us by the Scottish Government. It is still highly unlikely we will be able to see the majority of our patients at this time. Where appropriate patients may then be seen at the practice by one of our dentists.

We are limited to seeing a maximum of 10 patients a day and can only operate out of 1 of our 5 available dental surgeries. During phase 2 of dental practice reopening we cannot provide any procedures which generate an aerosol (in other words procedures which use a dental drill or pressurised water). The main scope of our work during phase 2 will be extraction of teeth or where this is not possible or desirable onward referral to Urgent Dental Care Centres if an aerosol generating procedure is deemed unavoidable.

Thank you once again for your patience and apologies for any confusion that has arisen from the Scottish Government’s announcements today. Please be reassured that we are working as quickly as possible to fulfil all Scottish government requirements in order to treat all our patients as quickly as possible in a safe and secure environment for both our staff and our patients.

Stay safe, Lint Riggs Dental Care.