Reopening of Dental Practices

This post is to give all our patients an update on the current situation in Dentistry caused by COVID 19.

The reopening of dental practices is going to be a complex process and will not be a returning to normal dentistry overnight.

We are being guided by the Chief Dental Officer, who is balancing the oral health needs of our patients and the risks of transmission of the virus to both patients and dental teams.

Dental practices are currently closed for face-to-face patient consultation. Please phone the practice if you have a dental emergency for advice. Urgent Dental Care Centres are increasing their capacity to provide treatment for acute and essential care.

Dental practices will be reopening for face-to-face consultations over the coming months. In Forth Valley, this will be done before 31st July. Initially, we will only be open to seeing patients requiring urgent care. This will then be expanded to see patients for routine care, for example, examinations and treatment that can be provided using non-aerosol generating procedures (ie. no drilling).

There is no current time frame for reopening to a full service. We will continue to update our patients on Facebook and our website as often as we can.

Until then, we hope you all stay well and enjoy the lifting of some of the restrictions next week.

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